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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:23 The incident and my self awareness realisation
  • 06:40 What I am really most grateful for
  • 09:09 The next steps in my life and in my business
  • 10:58 Releasing control and the path to true freedom
  • “We get to choose. This is what it is to have soulmate clients who want to give as well as receive.”
  • “There’s still, of course, worrying all the time that the decisions and choices that we have made and continue to make on a day-to-day basis, are messing [the kids] up.”
  • “When I’m in that space of trying to control, it brings my energy down. It creates leaks in my container that ultimately then impact who I be in the rest of my life, including my business.”

The Divorce Diaries 3: Father’s Day

A cheeky incident from one of my little mini me’s and I’ve lost my shit.

It got me angry and losing it, but it also made me realize there’s a whole new level of self-awareness that I have now.

And that got me thinking about the next steps and phases in my life, and in my business.

I had a good Father’s day, I did. You’ll hear the full story in this episode and what I am now choosing to lean in to.

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