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The Divorce Diaries 1: How separating has been impacting my creativity

Sometimes we just need to put out there what’s on our mind and in our hearts at any given time. And as much as I really love all the fun, business, strategy stuff, sometimes that isn’t what needs to be shared, and that’s exactly what this blog is about.


Being authentic and honest.


So what is actually on my mind and in my heart right now is anything but the practical business stuff. What’s on my mind and in my heart right now is actually the fact that I am going through a separation with my husband.


And I’m really navigating what this new season of business and life gets to look like for me.


Sharing to the public arena


Firstly, I think we, as online service based businesses, should be sharing more parts of the journey that shows our vulnerability. However, teach once you’re through the other side and you have the learning. I think that it’s really important as teachers and leaders, that we don’t use our platforms for therapy. 


I am also very aware that anything that I put out on social, is out there for the public to see, and so I am deeply respectful of that. I would hate to ever say anything that causes any more pain in a painful situation.


My support to you


For those of you who also have stories that you want to share, but are wary of upsetting or offending, I think that you get to share the parts of the journey that feel aligned to you, and reveal as and when it feels right to do so.


If you feel that you want to share what you’re going through but without sharing everything, you can always share similar stories through other people. Which could look like bringing on a guest for an interview and asking them about their divorce story and experience, or sharing snippets of your thoughts and opinions with what is going on with someone else and their story.


I think that when we are fully in our sovereignty, it shouldn’t matter. I know that my power doesn’t come from my partner or my partners family, or my children, my clients or anybody’s approval or disapproval of me. My power comes from me and that means that I give myself permission to speak my truth.


I know that by sharing what I have with you here, will be making a difference to somebody just to hear someone like me expressing how I’m expressing and how this is impacting the way that I show up, create and the way that I want to speak.


I know that that is helping and that is the type of impact that I want to make and I get to make, and it feels so grounded.


Check out Episode 120 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, to hear me being a bit more vulnerable around this journey that I am on – you can head here.

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