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Unconditional love, self-care and living from the inside

It was an absolute pleasure to chat about all of the things motherhood and beyond with Zoe from Motherkind.

Listen here.

Zoe is a Kundalini Khalsa Way pregnancy yoga teacher, certified coach (with NLP) and meditation teacher.  She is on a mission to support mothers in connecting back to ourselves through the mayhem of modern motherhood.

You can find Zoe at her digital home here.


In this podcast episode, we dive into:

  • The book that kicked off my entire self-development journey
  • How I trust that the right lessons are coming through for my children
  • Why I work with a parenting coach and the insights I’ve had since then
  • Understanding how the personality traits we had before kids are not always the ones which need to help us parent.
  • The idea of unconditional love, and how having my step son move in with us gave me A MASSIVE opportunity to feel into this.
  • Forgiveness and kindness. To ourselves as well as our family.
  • The fine line between childhood and adulthood of parenting a teen.


To listen to the full episode, click here.

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