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Moving my body to manifest my biggest (non launch) month

A few  weeks ago, I started running again.  

That might not sound like the the most life changing thing in the world, but I know that the minute that I want to go deeper moving my body makes the biggest of differences.

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Using my body to manifest my goals

Today I ran for 25 minutes, we’re not talking marathon training here.

But for me,  when it comes to my mindset work I know that the minute I wanna take it to another level, the next level, and really integrate and embody what it is that’s going on with me emotionally and mentally, I need to move my body.

How I do it

  • Tunes: I love a bit of drum and bass for this. Move Your Body always gets me on the right track.
  • Goals: Get specific, whether it’s income or the number of people you want to impact.
  • Mantra magic: In between the steps as I’m running, I think to myself:
    • I’m pleased that I’m actually moving my body
    • I’m pleased I’m running for 25 minutes.
    • I’ve always hit my goals.


Just put one foot in front of the other. Just keep going.

The reason this is SO powerful is that I’m hitting my physical target and I’m also imagining the income that I’m receiving every four to five steps.

I’m not just feeling amazing because of the endorphins that I am releasing into my body, but I’m also feeling amazing because I’m literally embodying hitting my goals.

It’s a double whammy.

Find what works for you

Whether you wanna run, whether you wanna swim, whether you wanna walk, whether you wanna do hot yoga, doing something where you’re pushing yourself beyond what feels comfortable is the really great part of this specific technique.

As you push yourself, and it doesn’t have to be extreme, you are demonstrating that you can do it. With running, what was also going through my mind is that I am mentally making a decision to move my body, and then my body is fully supporting me in everything that I wanna do.

Trust and tune in

When it comes to setting your goals from a financial, personal or client  perspective, tuning into the idea that you are fully supported in everything that you do is a massive part of being able to relax into your goal, and not strangle or worry about it.

You’re creating a living example for yourself that you are fully supported, and every place that you look, you will  find evidence of the thing that you desire.

Whether that’s evidence that you’re fully supported, that you always get what you want, that everything is always working out for you, or you’re always hitting your goals, wherever you can notice the little pieces, little bits of evidence like that, it all helps when it comes to aligning yourself energetically with your goals.


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