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  • 06:30 Now when you’re saying things like, “I’m just not cut out for this” And then you ask yourself, is this true? Monkey mind might say, Yes, it’s true. And here’s the thing, if you get a yes, it’s true to a question like that, what you’re really saying is, I’m out. I’m out, I’m done. And then you get to ask yourself, is that true? Am I really out?
  • 07:45  This question is so important, but it only works if you fundamentally  believe that we get to create our experience of life, like how we respond to what life is giving us in the moment is going to dictate and determine our experience.
  • 08:39 I desire to feel certainty in my body. As you want to feel joy, I want to feel happy. And I want to feel excited about all of the things that are possible for me this year, about creating something magic about creating something new about engaging with new people
  • “Stop bringing yesterday’s baggage into today”
  • “Put on some new clothes, wash your face, and decide who is showing up today.”
  • “What is it that you’re going to need to let go of in order to feel how you desire?”

When The New Year Doesn’t Start Well

I have noticed a handful of people who are really, really finding the beginning of this year 2023 tough, and they’re finding it tough because they do not feel like they “should” feel at the beginning of the new year.

Perhaps they had a launch in December, but that didn’t go very well. They thought that that was going to set them up, and it didn’t. And now they’re already feeling like they are on the backfoot

Or  they were going to launch in January. Ads are not working and they are having to postpone or they’re just not feeling the vibe, nothing about money, nothing about launching nothing about nothing.

This is making them feel inadequate. And that sense of inadequacy is then compounding the feeling of “I shouldn’t feel like this right now. How is this year going to be my best year yet when this is how I’m kicking things off”.

If you are feeling like that right now, the first thing I want you to know is that you are not alone. The second thing that I want to say is chill the flip out.

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