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What the funk is Intuition Anyway?

When wearing my teacher’s hat, intuition is something that I frequently talk to my clients and students about and although, often the subject matter is met with a warm smile and a nod of the head, the eyes however, tell a completely different story.   The temples of the forehead begin to pulsate as they begin to think their way into the path of intuition, which creates a bit of a problem, because believe me, THE ultimate buzz kill for intuition, is thinking!

buzz kill

I get why it can be a frustrating area to get our heads around at first, I’ve definitely been there and at times still struggle myself, because like most of us, daily life revolves around thinking and planning…stuff and lots of it.   Whilst working, our environments are all about proving our worth, with tangible evidence and a sound rationale to back up all of the decisions we make.  In the land of Return On Investment, ‘gut feelings’ are just not where it’s at.

But the interesting thing is, should we start to look out for it, we’d notice that we’re using our intuition a lot more than we realise.  Mothers looking after their children, especially first time around are massively relying on their intuition to guide them through those early foggy days.  Particularly, when there’s something that they can’t quite put their finger on, but just know, that all is just not quite right.  Or that feeling you get when you call your friend and ask her if everything is OK and to anyone else but you, she’d get away with the untruth, but with you – you just know she needs you to give her hug and let her know it will all be fine.   Or when the office hottie, that can’t help but lust after you, is staring into the back of your head and you glance around just in time to them switch their eyes back to the computer screen – you just knew that they were looking at you right?!


Both during pregnancy and in life in general, the most effective way to tap into that feeling, is to stop trying and just relax.  When we are free from to-do lists, wants and needs, we are able to create a space that allows us to be more emotionally calm.  It is in that space that we can tune into what feels right for us, which is why in a birthing scenario being able to create an emotionally calm mind is so key.  It is with that calmness, not only comes a sense of control, but also a knowing that can and should be trusted from the mother about what is best and right for her and her baby.  Which is what we are looking to tune into.




In life that emotional calmness also gives us the opportunity to be in control of path we choose to walk, as opposed to being controlled by the line we toe…And that is a pretty damn liberating!



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