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What to do When you Don’t Know What to do?

After my enforced ban from FB groups before and during the weekend, it was great to get back to things yesterday. And after catching up on all of the goings on, I noticed a familiar thread, people feeling a bit scattered and not quite sure what to focus on.

When I am feeling like this, I have a couple of fail-safe strategies I always turn to that do the job for me. On a super practical note I go back to the bigger picture. What is it that I want to achieve? If I’m feeling overwhelmed with options I ask myself which of my choices is going to move me closer to realizing my big vision? When I have truly made a commitment to making something happen the decision on what to do and what to leave becomes that much easier.  Always move forward with the task/option/decision that is going to move me closer to what it is I want to achieve with the big plan.

If I just don’t know what to do, I may try to logically think my way around the situation, but generally speaking that doesn’t tend to work for me. I consider myself pretty objective, so unless something really hits me in the gut as being the right way forward my pros and cons lists often feel very balanced. So if I can’t rely on logic, what do I do? If the decision I want to make isn’t something I need to decide on right there and then, i.e. it’s not fundamental to the success of my business now, then I park it.

I believe that everything always works out exactly as it should do. There are no coincidences and no-one can get it wrong, even when it feels like we’re knee deep in shit, we need those experiences to expand and move forward. If I would rather make the decision (have the answer) sooner rather than later, I would either choose to ask myself the question before I go to bed, or meditate on what will be the best foot forward first thing in the morning. Knowing that the answer will come to me, if not in the meditation pretty soon after if I keep my eye open for inspiration.

But the truth is we overcomplicate things.

We don’t allow ourselves to really believe that we’re allowed to want what we want, or that we truly deserve to get there. So instead of just owning our desires and saying this is what I want, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but it is happening and I feel great about it. We put obstacles and barriers in the way. We doubt our intuition.

We feel foolish for allowing ourselves to dream beyond the confines of our current lives and we shrink.

Well I just wanted to say that shrinking is bullshit.

Give yourself 30 minutes away from FB, meditate, do yoga, walk in the park and focus on just breathing. Consciously breathe for 15 minutes before you allow your mind to wonder on your question and just see what comes up.

As soon as your prepared to own it, depending on how big the dream is, or how far away it feels, identify the smallest step you can take today to start moving towards your dream.

You have got this.

Bonus points if you care to share what your smallest step is going to be.

Double bonus points if you know that the smallest step is starting work with me and you finally book the clarity call you have been thinking about for months. The doors are open for two private clients ready and willing to start THE WORK on the 18th April….are you in??


  • Charlotte says:

    Hi suzy
    ok I am tentivly asking how your slots work? How many hours and how much does it cost please?
    My work is, shall we say varied!
    I am on Facebook as Charlotte themagpie, my profile shows the kind of things I do.
    Kind regards
    Charlotte ☺

    • Hey Charlotte, I have packages ranging from £165.00 through to £1750 at the moment, it really depends what you are looking for. Feel free to book a clarity call if I can’t help I’ll say. 🙂 x

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