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Why Business Shouldn’t Be Like Dating When You Were 12?

Maybe you’re just starting out in business, or perhaps you have been on the block for a while.

You’ve heard about a million and one marketing principles and some of them even sound quite effective. You’ve put the blog page up on your site, but it’s probably sitting empty or maybe you have one or two stories on there. That you wrote about a hundred years ago.

Maybe you promoted them on your Facebook page – once – or on your Twitter feed once or twice and then what did you get back in return for all of your  blood, sweat and tears?  Nothing.

No comments, no Facebook likes, no retweets and although you’re not even smiling on the outside anymore. In fact, on the inside your screaming ‘What’s the point??  There’s nobody listening. Nobody’s interested. Who are you anyway? And why would anyone want to hear from your point of view?

It hurts. Makes us feel a bit sick.

We begin to question our ability to even be in business and we start to retreat, fade into the background. Doing the bare minimum that will enable us to just about make covering the bills this month…Almost. But really everything feels like a bit of a dud.

If this is you worry not, there is a very specific reason this is going on and we can solve it pretty quickly.

And it has everything to do with your first unrequited love…stick with me.



Whilst the analogy is a little bit on the quirky side, it’s all true.

So have a think about previous clients, how can you drop back into their lives to remind them of why you were so brilliant and why they should remember to tell their friends about you. Which pregnancy groups can you be hanging out in? Sharing your valuable advice and support so you get noticed. Thinking of it a pre-courting.  Think about how you can be of service and add value AND then go and show and tell your clients how you can be of service and add value. You have got this.  🙂

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