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Why Loving Yourself is Good for Business?

The theme for the Mindset and Marketing mastermind over the next couple of weeks is acknowledging our greatness. Giving ourselves permission to pat ourselves on the back. Learning to appreciate and practice that the only validation worth anything has to come from within. It’s important because it’s the fear of not being good enough, self-judgement, the fear of failure that paralyses us. Stopping us from stepping up and sharing our brilliance with the world.

If the first thought in your mind is, ‘yes, but I’m not that brilliant’ read on….

I’m not sure when it happens, but at some point when you were growing up you learnt that it wasn’t okay to love yourself. The ‘showing off’ that was cute when you were 3, became less cute when you were 5. The lack of self-consciousness when you were 4 became a survival mechanism when you were 6. Seeing and feeling the disapproving looks of your parents when you withered on about nothing became the cue to shut-up because you just weren’t interesting enough, good enough, worthy enough.  And it just became time to grow up.

So we did.

Burying the feeling of inferiority and just getting on with it, because that’s real life right?

We can’t all be the centre of attention all the time.

No-one likes a know it all.

What do I know anyway?

The script we’ve be playing for almost a lifetime.

All comments whether we repeat to ourselves or have heard over the years that are designed to silence our wants, dreams, desires and passions.

For some people life still works for others not so much.

And then you get those of us, like me and you who decide that actually we do know just enough, are just good enough, are just skilled enough to set up our own ‘little’ businesses.

We don’t want or need to be rich, we just need enough to get by. (I mean, who are you to want to be rich?)

I’ve just taken this course and I’ve framed my certificate (but I’m not saying I’m the expert)

I know I can help people (but it’s not really my place to keep shouting about it, the people who are supposed to find me will).

If there’s even a small part of you that would like something more than to ‘just get by,’ one of the best, most rewarding, nurturing and profitable things you can do for yourself is to fall in love. Is to learn to love and appreciate everything your experience, knowledge and imperfections allow you to bring to the table.

It starts with looking at yourself in the mirror and saying ‘you’re all right you are.’

By giving yourself permission to express your feelings.

By killing the expectation of negative judgement from friends, family and peers and the rest.

By accepting that you don’t need to be perfect to make massive impact.

From a business perspective loving who you are and knowing that you are worthy enough to share your thoughts, hopes and desires for yourself with your family and to seek out the clients who don’t know you even exist yet, makes the journey to ‘doing it’, ‘doing something’ so much easier.

Know you need to love yourself more? Permission granted.


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