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The Normal Ebb and Flow of Business

I think that sometimes we are under the misapprehension that ‘making-it’ either means no stress. Easy street, life’s a beach. Or life becomes even more stressful as we have to work harder, have more responsibilities, have less time away from the people who we love and overwhelmed by carrying the weight of a successful business.

The truth is both are as true as they are not.

Say what?

The reality is, that we are the creators of our own reality.

We get to choose how much we work.

We get to choose how we want to be supported.

We get to choose whether we see and experience prosperity and freedom, or lack and responsibility.

We get to choose how much we charge.

We get to choose what our message is.

It’s all up to us.

And in between life’s a beach and life’s a bitch is exactly just that. The in-between.

The normal ups and downs of life and perspective.

So my message for today is don’t expect your business to be plain sailing, because it won’t be. But understand that even when you hit a rocky patch, a low ebb, you have complete control on how you choose to play with it.

Treat it like a game. Remember that this too shall pass and if you choose to take the learning and focus on the next step you’ll soon be back into the flow once again.

Ride the waves baby.

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