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3 of my biggest takeaways from running an online event


I just had the best weekend at my 3-day virtual event. I learned so much and I want to share these lessons with you.



1. Rinse and repeat


Before the event I went into hyper-overdrive around how we were going to sell all of the tickets. I spoke to friends, peers, I even paid someone to talk to me about event strategy and my biggest takeaway… was that I do actually know what I am doing.


The lesson here is to actually keep it simple. There are things that I’ve tried and tested over the last 8 years and I think that because it was a different format doing it all online as opposed to in person, my head started making up loads of different stories about why this would be really hard.


If you’re doing something new I encourage you to think about what skills you already have and have used before that are powerful and that you can transfer over to doing something online. You don’t need to do the latest, new shiny thing. Often that’s not helpful for you.


If you’re doing something you’ve done before, do it again. Do what works. People don’t get bored of the same stuff you’re saying, they just hear you again and this time louder and clearer and they might just buy from you. Whereas if you say something different they’ll think about trying that out before they purchase what it is you’re offering.



2. Don’t underestimate the power of online connection


I know I can rock in person events but I worry about the disconnect between me and the audience when we’re online. However, doing The ONE Live absolutely smashed that story to pieces. People were able to feel the intention, the love and the exchange just as much as they were able to do in person last year.


This is a strange time in the world right now and we don’t know what’s going to happen but online is not a barrier at all to you creating meaningful and powerful connections. So if you have the idea to do a retreat or an event, you CAN absolutely do it online and make a big impact. 


And it’s why I’ve decided that next year my 3-day event, now re-named The Quantum Shift, is going to be a hybrid event where people can come in person AND it will be available to watch online.


Please do not be afraid of taking powerful events and turning them online.



3. Have support in your business


It’s absolutely necessary to have support in order to create a bigger impact and to leverage your business.


I had an incredible team of support during my online event. I not only had the tech team but also my support team making sure I ate and drank water as well. There is no way I would’ve had the event I did if it wasn’t for my team helping me.


If you recognise that something isn’t your strong suit, hire someone to do it for you. Beyond getting a VA, whether it’s admin or accounting that’s costing you your time by doing it yourself, people are out there that can do this for you. I see that most people hold off getting more help in their business for way too long because of the scarcity mindset. It also requires you to set up as having team members means you now have responsibility to pay someone.


So think about what else you need help with? What are the areas where you’re spending time and energy and you’re saying to yourself that even though it’s only ‘X’ amount I’ll just do it myself, because that’s costing you way more than it would be to bring in someone else and your time is freed up to show up online and connect with your audience.





Have something physical for your online event that everybody attending receives to their home. It immediately makes people feel like they’re attending an event rather than just another zoom call and builds up a buzz about the event.


If you want to see me in action and how I do events, come and play at The Quantum Shift in Jan 2022 😉

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