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Using Clubhouse to grow your business

Clubhouse is the new app that has taken the coaching world by storm yet it’s not an app for coaches.


It’s a new (Jan 2021) social media app using audio only to tell stories, meet new people, share ideas and have conversations.


Compared to Facebook which is at 6 billion users, Clubhouse still has a long way to go but there is a lot of talk and excitement about this app which I haven’t seen for a very long time with a new social platform.



My experience on Clubhouse


After much debate I decided to give it a go because the FOMO is real on this app.


I spent about six days dipping in and out of it and listening to people speak before I set up my own room to host.


Firstly, what was interesting is that I didn’t find it natural and I was actually very nervous which I was surprised at because I love recording my podcast. 


After I was invited up to speak in someone else’s room and take the ‘stage’ as they call it, I got hooked on the app and spent the whole weekend listening to all kinds of conversations.



The darker side of Clubhouse (in my opinion)


Because you can get access and coaching from the celebrities of the internet and people that you would not normally get access to, directly answering your questions, clubhouse can be really seductive for your ego.


I was quick to experience the need to reach 1,000 followers quickly too and wondering if I’d get a follow back or DM or invited to speak again.


The thing is all this is chasing validation.


After spending a whole weekend on Clubhouse then having a short conversation with a friend about what it means to be truly sovereign, I was aware that in this kind of whirlwind of clubhouse action, that I was really giving up my power.


I wanted to prove that I’m good enough on this new platform and have others validate my expertise.


But after receiving a loving voice note from a peer, I realised what a load of BS that was and instantly my frequency changed. My heart opened and my body relaxed.


I even said to myself how ridiculous is this Suzy? And it was so clear that it was in fact draining my energy.


And in order for me to create what I want to create in the world and have the impact that I want to have, my energy and my frequency and who I surround myself with are everything.


So, for anyone interested in joining here’s my advice:



Advice for going on Clubhouse


  1. If you’re thinking about setting up a room, give yourself permission to start small.

You don’t have to invite everybody you know, just enough so that you can practice chatting, speaking and sharing without the pressure of feeling like ‘is what I’m saying okay. Are they getting it?’


  1. If it’s taking you out of your comfort zone, good. What you should immediately do is do it again, no matter how well or how badly it goes.

Always do it again and you get a little bit more comfortable each time and you get to ask yourself what did I learn the first time that I can implement the next time? 


  1. Be intentional about using it. Check in with how it is making you feel. Don’t get caught up in this desire to validate yourself through other people’s acknowledgement.


I do think that it’s an incredible tool and that there are huge opportunities on the platform, but if you are here for the long term, know that you don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours on this platform connecting with every single person in order for you to build a successful business. And if you’re feeling good and it’s raising you up, great, continue, go for it.

If you want to check out Episode 110 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, where I talk about this subject more – you can head here.

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