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How a 4 Day Retreat to New York created a 7 figure business

When one of the mentors I’m working with told me she was hosting a mastermind day in New York recently, I knew I had to be there.

I wasn’t going for the content, as we have been working with each other for close to a year, so I wasn’t expecting to hear ‘the magic formula for X, Y or Z’. That’s just not the way we operate.

However, as someone who is committed to accelerating the growth of my business this year, my goal before arriving was to double my impact and my income in 2018, taking me to a cool £500K. I needed to get on the plane.


Because I know that rather than DOING more in your business, which many people will tell you is a prerequisite for growth, I know that true, long-lasting expansion is about BEING more. And understanding who I need to be to double my impact and my income in just 12 months definitely involves putting myself in environments where:

I get to hang out with mentors who are doing the things I desire to do, hosting retreats and mastermind days where people fly in from across the world to be present.  TICK. 

1. We can only notice and/or experience things that we’re capable of doing or being ourselves. It’s one thing to look at a Facebook status and say, “wow that’s really cool, I’d like to do that one day”, which is what most normal people will do, and another to say “f*ck me! That looks amazing I need to be there, so I can watch and learn”.

2. I want to be around other six and seven figure business owners, so I can get to see, feel and touch what is going on with them, so I can observe how they think, and notice their challenges. How are they different from me? How are they similar to me? What can I learn from them?

3. I am not home. No matter how hard we try, most of what we do and how we live is running on autopilot. Not only that, but 95% of what we’re thinking is the same thoughts we’ve been thinking over and over again. So, when it comes to strategic thinking and letting the creative juices flow, what’s one of the best things I can do for myself? Switch things up. Give me something new to look at, a new environment to BE in and see how that triggers different thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

4. Finally, I knew I had to be there because I want to be coached. There’s something different about stepping onto a plane and going somewhere with an open heart and open mind. Where you’re not being distracted by the millionth Facebook notification or kids or yet another email… SPACE. It makes a huge difference.

As I stepped onto the plane knowing that I was going to be able to hang out with old online friends, along with meeting new ones, the sense of excitement began to creep up my body. I’m the type of person who steps onto a plane and takes a flying visit to New York to hang out with her mentor. This feels in alignment with the type of life I desire to live.

And after a couple of days of hanging out with friends, eating amazing food and soaking in all of the good things, it was time to mastermind. And what came out of that session, prompted by questions from the group, was that it became really clear where I was holding myself back. I had this residual idea that I am somehow not good enough. People looked at me as though I was kidding. “You’ve just had an £85K launch, what do you mean you’re not good enough?”

I’m not responsible enough.

I’m not this enough.

I’m not that enough.

And being in that environment with people who were really seeing me, asking me the type of questions that don’t come up during a regular coaching session, I was able to see more clearly than ever WHERE and WHY I was holding back.


I was in that room for just 8 hours, and from the time I arrived, to when I went home I was able to view myself and my business in a completely different light. For the first time, I allowed myself to see how I am already sitting on a million-pound business.

And because of the work that I do, understanding that the first step to earning a million this year has very little to do with the strategy (20%) and everything to do with BE-ING a million-pound brand and entrepreneur.

Choosing to show up as that type of million-pound business owner, who would I have on my team? What support would I have at home? How would I take time out? Who do I need to BE in order to expand to that level?

Here’s the thing, whether I put that money on the board over the next 12 months is irrelevant to me. What I care deeply about is giving myself permission to be the type of person who creates that type of impact in the world. That is deeply important.

And because I chose to step out of my comfort zone and do something which on the surface looked wildly extravagant, from that one day I have created the opportunity to not only create more revenue but also impact more women in business who have a desire to create change and positive momentum in the world.

1 plane…

1 mastermind retreat…

Several amazing questions…

Have the capacity to earn me an additional £500K this year.

If you’re ready to expand the way you’re thinking…

If you want to accelerate the speed at which you are ready to take the next level…

If you want a deeper understanding of what it means to step into a new level of BE-ING…

So that your “doing” is far more meaningful and impactful, you probably want to take a look at the retreat I am hosting in Barcelona in May…. it’s got your name written all over it.



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