I have a confession to make. Ever since I upgraded to Sky HD a couple of months ago, I have been binging on box sets. That’s a lie, it’s been one box set and I’m up to series 5. My early morning routine has been shot to smithereens because of the late nights. I wait until my husband has gone to bed and I smile with glee as I think about getting down and dirty with the boys.

What is wrong with me?!

I’m practically cheating on my husband and have ditched the women’s lib movement for sexist, misogynistic, homophobic jibes that should leave me cringing in disgust.

But the truth is I love it.

I love Vince

I love Ari,

I love Turtle

I love E

And I love the brother.

I love it.

And do you know why? I’ve been able to swap the podcast and personal development and learn some real business shit I’m applying to my business every day. And worry not, I’m about to share it all with you right here. My top 5 lessons from Vinnie and the crew about business.

  1. It starts with attitude.

The right mindset can move mountains, turn water into wine and have you come up smelling of roses even if you’ve just stood in a whole pile of poop. Vince is renowned for believing that everything is going to turn out all right. Always. And yes while I know this is a box set this is a theme that comes up again and again for me. Hold the vision, keep the faith and things will work out okay.

  1. Have a cheerleading crew.

You got to have your boys – girls around you to celebrate hard when things go well and pick  up the pieces when you feel as though you are falling apart. It’s all about the whoop, whoop! It’s so simple, but oh so important.

  1. The darkest Day is Always Just Before the Dawn.

In series 4 we get to see Vince on the edge, he hasn’t worked in over a year, he wants a part in a film that he’s not even allowed to audition for and for the first time in five years he flips. It’s sexy and dramatic as he throws the phone across the room in anger. Switch to a couple of scenes later he’s on the phone with Martin Scorcese who’s offering him the lead in his new film because of the persistence of his ex-Manager. Just when you think everything has gone to skids is just about when you’re going to spot your diamond. Which leads us fantastically into my next point

  1. Never give up.

Never, ever, ever give up. Just before Vince gets Scorcese on the phone. His agent has all but given up on him. He has fired his manager AND he has given up on himself. The lucky thing for Vince is before his manager was unceremoniously dumped he was like a dog with a bone looking to secure his client an amazing deal. He was not prepared to take no for an answer. It was Vince’s manager’s faith and determination that finally got Vince in front of the right people and back on top of the pile once again.

  1. Enjoy the Ride

Aside from the blip at the end of series 5 (which was hard to stomach) the biggest thing I’ve learnt from Vinnie and the guys, is to enjoy the ride baby! Celebrate the little things, be happy and party on!

So while the feminist part of me says ‘step away from the remote’.  I can and do take heart in the knowledge that my finely formed business brain is saying this is absolutely necessary for research purposes only of course. So ride the wave of this necessary evil and I take one for the team for potential clients everywhere!


Photo Credit: Friskytuna

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