How To Use Mailchimp?

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How To Use Mailchimp?

One of my Baby Business Schoolers just posted in our group “HELP! I’ve got my first subscriber and I know not what I do with Mailchimp.” So as someone who knows that what we focus on expands. I wanted to take the heat right out of the fact she was unsure of what to do with her first subscriber win, and get her to focus on the excitement of gaining the illusive first person who has said yes to regular updates. Get excited about being able to be of service to this person from afar and get excited about the opportunity to share her message and her services with this person all from behind her laptop initially.

Up until the launch of The Calm Birth School, I had quite a love/hate relationship with list building, I could never find the right formula. I had tride meditations, free downloads, checklists, you name it and nothing really cut it. The most successful I had been was a list of about 50 people on my Bump to Baby Essentials Kit – which you’ll see in the tutorial below now has 75 people on it, although as the list is so old and connected to one of my old websites I don’t have regular communications with those peeps anymore. Anyway my point is until you ‘strike gold’ list building can be a bit of an uphill struggle, BUT it doesn’t mean you should forget about it….Even if you don’t have an online business.

Why is it important even if you’re offline?

If you can create a strong enough incentive that you promote (the promotion part off of your website is super important) before they are ready to use your services you are putting yourself front of mind for your ideal clients to be thinking of you when they are ready to buy. You’ll be giving yourself the best opportunity to build a relationship and the oh-so-important know like and trust factor so that when they are ready to buy….Guess what??? You will be top of the list.

So without any further a do check out my video below on how to set up your first email campaign with Mailchimp.

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