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How to use your free Facebook group to generate sales

One of the things that I wish I had done earlier on in my business was to set up my free Facebook group.


I really resisted at first because of a different one I had a couple of years before and I wasn’t really that into it. It felt like time and energy and I just didn’t love it.


What changed was that I made a decision that I wanted to grow my business. I wanted to become a seven figure entrepreneur and I needed to do things differently if I was going to get a different result than the years before.


The first thing was to embrace a new strategy for building my business. And that involved me getting over my resistance around a Facebook group and building a community.


I set up my free Facebook group The Quantum Success Hub for Female Entrepreneurs in March 2019 after one of my business mentors suggested it.


Here’s the strategies I used to build it up to the 4,000 members group it is today.


First and foremost the foundation was that:


  1. I ran ads to it.
  2. I made a commitment to come in live every week giving great value and content. Which I have done ever since, except for a week either side of the Christmas break last year.




Why is it important to build up great content and value?


Because when people join the group, they get to see a whole library of free, valuable content and that builds up the know, like, and trust factors with your audience. They get a little taste of what it’s like to work with you before they invest – try before you buy.


I do this by going in my group asking questions, looking at what’s going on, engaging with posts and creating content. Then once a month, I sell something, and that is okay because I’ve built up that currency of providing value every single week. 


I don’t believe that you can give too much value, especially when it’s structured like this.


But the consistency of selling is also really important. It’s foundational stuff, and that is the structure I suggest you use to sell.


The Sales Process


All of us are in sales no matter what it is that you do, yet most people aren’t natural salespeople. Sales is a professional career for many people and there are intricacies and skills to learn in it. You don’t just wake up one day and are great at doing it. It is a process that you take people through.


If you’re not converting in your group when you’re asking for the sale, then you are not taking people through that process. So it doesn’t make it easy for them to say yes to your offer.


It’s about the way that you’re engaging people.


If you have built up the know, like and trust with your audience, then it’s about selling on video, on lives, on your webinars and getting comfortable with that.


The knowledge Gap


So you build up this process that you’re taking people on the journey and you’re not just teaching. You’re making sure that you’re giving value but your audience has a clear understanding that what you are telling them is only one part of a much bigger story.


Then be able to communicate that in your webinars and challenges and clearly state that what you have to offer is the next step that they need to take in order for them to get the full solution and transformation that they’re looking for. Then it becomes so easy for people to say yes to you.


Bonus tip:


  • Change the qualifications of getting into the group by making sure one of the questions upon entry to the group enables somebody to sign up for something such as a low ticket product. Make it part of your email capture, giving you the confidence that you’re building up your list of buyers as you’ve got people in who are willing to spend. 


So my advice is don’t close your group. You will have customers in that group who are waiting for you to sell to them in a way where you make it easy for them to say yes and not to question the value of it.


I always say that there is always one person right now who needs what it is that you are looking for. And if there is one person, there’s another.


Prefer to watch? Join the free FB group, The Quantum Success Hub where you can see my Thrive Thursday lives every week.

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