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The Four Steps to Increasing Your Wealth Frequency

I’m going to start by asking you the question, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word wealthy?


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to wealth, is completely associating it with the amount of money that they have in the bank.


Yes income and money are a part of it, but it’s not the lead thing.


So to increase your WHOLE wealth frequency, here’s my top four steps:


1. Conscious transformation


First of all, understand that wealth is an inside job and it starts with how you are feeling. I’m talking about love, laughter, fun, joy and freedom. Wealth doesn’t start with the money in the bank. It’s a byproduct of us being able to turn up our frequency.


It starts with aligning yourself. Making sure you’re putting yourself in positions where you’re seeing examples of people living into the life and the wealth that you desire, consciously opening yourself up to receiving more, elevating the way that you think and feel around receiving. Then give yourself permission to receive on such an abundant level. It’s about empowering yourself and looking at the choices that you get to make.


In order for me to turn the dial up on my wealth, I have to first be prepared to sit with the discomfort of where I am, what is going on and what I’m distracting myself with. Then I have to be conscious about where I’m going to increase my wealth in these areas, then look at the how and what does that next piece look like? In my heart, in how I feel, also in how I show up and in how I receive.


2. Subconscious transformation


In order for us to bring more in, we have to let something go, always. You can’t create more abundance and more wealth without letting stuff go. And in order to do that, you get to release some of the distractions in order to create more space for you having a higher frequency, to allow in more wealth creation and generation.


If you don’t use tools to help you release the subconscious belief that it isn’t safe for you to be wealthy, that you’re not allowed to be wealthy, that it isn’t for you, the stuff that doesn’t serve you, you are sabotaging yourself because your behavior belies what you really think about being wealthy. It’s not even about us, it’s about what we get to pass on, the impact as well. You must stop sabotaging your legacy.


3. Energetic transformation


This was such a missing piece of the puzzle for me, it’s our energy.


Every morning, in my quietness, I’m literally working with my energy and my shakras clearing all of the memories and experiences that I hold in my energetic, auric field. These have in the past shown me why it’s not safe, and they create leaks, tears and impede or damage the integrity of my container.


When there’s a hole, that’s where the leaks are, and that’s where the money falls out. That’s where you sign a contract and then somebody says, ‘oh sorry, I’m not going ahead with it.’ Why does that happen when consciously you’re doing the work? You’ve been meditating on the work, but still you’re noticing that you bring it in in one hand and it goes in the next hand. That’s around what is going on with your energy. So, on a daily basis, I’m creating healing and creating a clearer channel for me to be able to receive. 


4. Physical transformation


You also get to be doing all this on a physical level. In exactly the same way as above, we hold experiences in our energetic field, we also hold stories that tell us it’s not safe, from past events, in our bodies. People think that it’s all about the mind and the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain, but our skin and our body hold memories as well. Sometimes I do the inner work through my movement and quantum flow is one thing I have used that actually works on a conscious, subconscious, energetic and physical level, which has changed the game for me.


Most of us are doing the work in at least one of these areas. But unless you’re bringing all four pieces together, you are reducing your capacity to increase your wealth frequency in all areas of your life. It’s all four of these areas that are going to make a difference.


I would love for you to tell me which one of these areas do you know that you haven’t been putting time and attention, and intention to over the last few weeks or months? Which one of those areas do you get to give yourself more that you know would make a difference to you? Hit me up on Instagram.

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