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Are You Calling In Your Tribe?

I talk A LOT about knowing who your ideal client is, and while some people love the exercises I set to help them identify who she specifically is, other people hate it. It feels claustrophobic and restrictive. So they resist doing the work at all.

While knowing who you want to attract is not the only thing you need to be clear about for your business to succeed. It is one of the most important elements you have to nail in order to start making an impact within your chosen niche. Lack of ability to name who she is, means an inability to specifically name who you are beyond the services you have to offer.

So maybe the real question is, do you feel super comfortable letting your target audience know who you are?

When you feel great about that, it’s so much easier to also say who it is you know you are best at serving at the highest level every day.

If you only name the services you are offering, you’re missing the magic.

You put your business into the space of commodity rather than a specialty, a need to have.

The main reasons people don’t name their tribes are:

You haven’t thought about who it is they want to serve.

You haven’t thought about the type of person that they are able to serve most highly.

You are scared of alienating people.

You want to help the entire world.

You are worried that their ideal clients are not out there.

You are worried that removing yourself from a commodity market means they have to raise their prices and people won’t be able to afford them.

They think that only marketing to one type of person will be boring.

Here’s the deal, if you don’t have a specific idea on who your ideal clients are, but your business is booming, you love who you get to work with on a daily basis and things feel great with what you’re doing. Perfect! Get on down with your bad self and carry on.

If on the other hand you’re not reaching enough people, booking enough clients or the clients that you are booking are far from ideal and you’re sick of doing what you have always done and getting the same mediocre results. It’s time to start calling your tribe in.

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