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  • 04:21 “I think reclaiming the word is very empowering from a feminist perspective, and it also helps to heal the witch wound of which all women carry within them from the atrocities that happened in the early modern period where we saw thousands and thousands, up to 100,000 people executed for witchcraft, and 80% of them were women over the age of 40.”
  • 48:26 “Why hold yourself back from exploration just because something’s not been actually proven yet, and it’s just in the hypothesis stage.”
  • 32:57 “The universe wants you to be that person, wants you to be that person to bring comfort and peace and help them on those verges of death and those times of fear and pain, you know, facing death.”
  • 57:43 “Yeah, dream interpretation is really quite an art, and it’s a wonderful art of understanding the poetry of your dreams, understanding the language of your dreams.”
  • “The word witch, actually, it’s an Old English word, wicca, which means wise one.”
  • “Are we the universe experiencing itself.”
  • “I know what I am now that I’ve grown up now that I’m 40.”
  • “I was four years old when I had near-death experience.”

Healing The Witch Wound & Near Death Experiences With Tree Carr

This week I have a treat for YOU!

We are stepping into the world of magic and self-discovery on the latest episode of the Infinite Receiving podcast! My guest, Tree Carr, takes us on a journey through her various roles as an author, witch, and more, revealing how they all intertwine to help others tap into their own inner wisdom.

Get ready for a juicy conversation on topics like the nature of reality, our place in the universe, and whether we are the universe experiencing itself.

This will leave you pondering long after the episode ends… tune in, you’re going to absolutely love it.

Aaaand if you’re into exploring the things which make you think – get over here and pre order your copy of Infinite Receiving.

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