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How to run a 7-figure business with ease

As a mum of three who wants the 7-figures and the quality family time, I know that my business needs to run with ease in order to achieve this.


Can you actually make your business run a little bit easier?


Could you just decide to allow it to be easier?


Essentially yes and you can do this too.


Here’s how…


1. Firstly, acknowledge what you’ve been brought up to understand about hard work and what that means to you. Did that mean long days, lots of hours and maybe not that much reward financially?


Working is the basic concept of putting energy, and intention, in and getting a reward back. Yet this idea about it needing to be HARD work is not particularly helpful when it comes to moving from the 9-5 job mentality to working for yourself and becoming a successful entrepreneur.


The mistake I see a lot of people making is thinking with all this energy and intention they are putting out they’ll hit their target within a handful of months, and if they don’t then they’re doing something wrong – you’re not!


That energy you’re giving in the beginning that’s required for your business to take off, sometimes needs to last a year or two, or even longer for some people, in order to keep that momentum going.


I genuinely believe people don’t understand that it actually doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult, but it does take energy, persistence and consistency.


2. The simpler you can make things, the easier it will be to show up consistently. 


And if the system is easier, it will be easier to make money from it.


I see so many people overcomplicate things with 500 steps to do something or making it complex and detailed. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be in order for it to be worthy and for it to work well in your business.


The most powerful question that you can ask yourself and the question that I asked myself throughout the whole of 2019 (the year before I hit 7 figures) was:


“How can I make this easier?”


So thinking of your business, where can you give yourself permission to allow more ease into your life, as a whole and generally, and into your business?


Sometimes that’s asking for support and hiring or asking for help.


Sometimes it’s letting go of something that’s not serving you.


And sometimes it’s asking yourself what is really necessary in order for you to get the result that you desire.


From this space, you open up to new ideas, you’re inspired and creative, you are able to pivot and adapt in your business which then allows you to do the things that you want with a hell of a lot more ease.


But it starts with that question, what can you do to make it more easy?


Here’s to 2021 and creating more ease in your business.


Suzy x


Faith + Action = Miracles

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